Designing and creativity is a gift that allows me to translate your true person in to a work of art that is true to each person I am designing for.


Inspiration comes in the form of each persons true personality and being able to understand their lives; from creating pieces inspired by particular journies they have travelled to designing pieces inspired by their love of the sea.


I take ideas from everywhere, every journey I take and every person I meet is part of what forms the personality of a design, no matter how simple or wild and translate them into a piece of jewellery.


Jewellery is the most unique and beautiful thing – it’s something that none of us need but what it can represent and give us can go far above what words and photos can say and thats why I love it – it’s everlasting.

The Bespoke Process

‘Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.’ Greg Anderson
The beauty of the bespoke process is that you are placing your trust in me to create a work of art for you and no one else. It is a truly exciting and beautiful process and the journey we go on is the most important part of creating the final piece.

Every commission that I work on is individual and no piece is ever the same. I ask questions about your ideas but also listen and feel my way through what you are about through getting to know you.

Strong research is a vitally important part of the process, which I follow through with the medium of drawing and painting. I create a series of designs and using a process of elimination we slowly form a final and beautiful design, and then make that vision a piece that literally jumps off the page.

Bringing your design to life

‘You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.’ Walt Disney

I am not a jeweller, but a jewellery artist – my skills lie in translating my clients’ briefs into original illustrations and traditional plan drawings, which describe each design down to the very last detail. I then work closely with handpicked craftsmen to bring my designs to life, either by hand or through computer-aided design (CAD), depending on the nature of the piece.

Browse through some of my more imaginative designs in my sketchbook.

About Ellie

“Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle, Life is just too short"

ellieAfter a slight detour from my background studying Jewellery design at Central Saint Martins, to being a PA in the city; in 2012 I decided to take destiny in to my own hands and threw myself in to the deep end; I set out to create a life that I wanted to live around the people that I want to live with and with the things in life that make me happy. I stayed true to myself and my passion at every turn, I question my decisions along the way but continuously remind myself that staying true would bring me every thing I need.

My intense desire to explore beyond the boundaries of existing design is what defines me. Not necessarily to change or be different but to improve and listen, be relevant and give jewellery a soul to each person that owns a piece that I design. I want to hunt for the why and dissect each part of it to find the who and the what in a single work of art. Across the discipline of precious materials there holds a metaphor on how precious our lives are, on how frivolous we are with materials and products that are cheap and throwaway and by creating this ‘throwaway’ ‘carefree’ culture in how we are destroying our precious planet. My constant questioning is what makes my work evolve and my ideas flourish, the sadness, the greed and the vanity in our lives but also the genius in what the human race has created, the beauty in amongst the sadness and the genuine brilliance of people and of life itself. As long as each piece I create has a purpose and belongs to somebody then I will always create.

I am on a journey, a hair-raising and exciting one, a roundy windy road that twists and turns, a road I know and many I don’t. One that won’t stop until time says.